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Created by Chad Phillips

Thank You.............I cried out my pain. I am convinced that all the love I need is present in me as I am convinced that the great healing that just took place did not come from a computer. Thanks again and God bless you.

Thank you for your inspiration websight. It has helped me through a rough time, although I know God will come through for me soon. May God richly bless you!

I love your site it has really made me a better person in of seeing life and to never take anything for granted... Thanks you so much I love it.

I was in a really bad mood because my relationship with my first love was ending, so to boost my esteem I turned to the Internet for some inspirational quotes to post in my room. I found numerous quotes that I believe will brighten my day. Thank you.

I am a person who has had a terrible year and I was at a crossroads; I was unsure as to whether I would continue the pursuit of my dreams or settle for a mediocre alternative. I looked for words of wisdom, truth and inspiration which I gained thanks to you. I am very grateful and this may well be the pivotal moment in my life. In any case your kind and thoughtful act has steered me back from brink and given me the clarity I needed. I will always remember this day.

What a nice surprise to pull up your website and have Mt. Moran staring at me... Just returned from the Tetons and am ready to go back...they are truly inspirational all by themselves!

What an absolutely lovely site you set up. I don't know how or why you did it, but it's really inspirational and touching. Thank you.

I loved your site! it brought me to tears! thank you!
I was looking for a quote to use for teacher appreciation week at my kids school. I am doing the teacher board. Found the perfect little something.
Just discovered your work. Terrific. Thanks. You are what the world sorely needs.

I cant believe I am writing this but I have been in a depressed mood lately, and reading some of the quotes in this site really helped out. Hats off to you
We loved your quotes and it surely helped my daughter to write her essays with more thought. Keep up the good work

I was looking 4 a good and special quotes for the school year book...because..this is my last year of high school...so everyone in year 12 need to pick a quotes,,,and here I am ..looking through ur site.....it has most beautiful quotes....keep up the god work..:)
I came upon your site by chance. And wanted to let you know it was amazing. Thanks.
Lovedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd it and cried toooooooooooo!

I thought your site was fantastic and I have recommended it to a few other people.

I just had a look in you website, it's really inspiring!

I just wanted to say that your collection of quotes is a wonderful selection and the beautiful sayings have touched my heart and I will pass them on to others in need.

Your site is great - well done and easy to navigate.

You site is one of the best I have seen. Keep up the good work.

Really enjoyed visiting your website. I am a columnist for an on-line paper in NYC and wanted to know if I could share some info with my readers about your site.

Thank you for doing such a good job; I'm sure you must have put in a lot of work. I like the way you have your quotes divided into topics that are easy to recognize. That's how I finally found the one I have been searching for.

Hi, I really enjoy your website and I just wanted to thank you because I love the quotes and they are very inspirational.

After reading some of these quotes, my day seems a whole lot easier. What a breath of fresh air!

I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv your pic that u have on the first page of your website. Its awesome!!

I needed to be "inspired",this day.....i'm tearfully full,at this time....when I saw the main page.i've had some rain in my life...it has flooded for 2 weeks....and he promised a rainbow......i'm expecting it....thanx for reminding me.......theres a rainbow for me!!!! be blessed!!!!!

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